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Archive No.TitleTitle (En)LinkNotice
30.5タナトスThanatosLink 30.5simple dress + latex
30デルタDeltaLink 30featuring Miki & Kana twins, Sayo in latex clothes
29クロスフェイディングCross-fadingLink 29featuring Aki, Tama, Saki in dress+cloak
28漆黒に紅Crimson in Jet-blackLink 28featuring Suzuka & Lilika twins in latex dress
27フリークショウFreak ShowLink 27featuring Nanami, Erie, Silvie in fetish fashion
26ワールズエンド・ワンダーランドWorld's End WonderlandLink 26featuring Nacchi in bunny latex dress
25エニグマEnigmaLink 25featuring Aria in latex dress
24宿業 IIKarma IILink 24monumental art works (II)
23インヴェイジョンストライプInvasion StripesLink 23featuring striped fashion
22E.N.D.E.N.D.Link 22featuring fetishistic latex & PVC fashion
Extra4ReproductionsLink ex4reproducted past works in simple latex
21譫妄DTDaydreamLink 21featuring fetishistic latex catsuit
Extra3Reconstructions+Link ex3remake works from Acv 08-14 +new ones,
little fetishistic
20雪の夜A Snowy NightLink 20on the theme of winter
19LBDLBDLink 19"Latex and Black Dress", fetishistic
18黒葬 IIIBlack Burial IIILink 18personal works (III); including macabre
17尖端Sharp EdgeLink 17conceptual works; gray and red (II)
Extra2Remakes+Link ex2remake works from Acv 01-07 +new ones
16最果ての場所The Farthest PlaceLink 16natural coloured pieces
15bオープンハートOpen HeartLink 15bmonotone artworks part2 (various)
15aマジカルブルーデイズMagical Blue DazeLink 15amonotone artworks part1 (blue/Sayo)
14ポートフォリオPortfolioLink 14my typical artworks as the portfolio
13黒葬 IIBlack Burial IILink 13personal works (II); dark, including macabre
12b妖乱Bewitching BlossomsLink12bfeaturing the twins, including Yuri
12尖鋭Sharp PointsLink 12conceptual works; gray and red
11赤い絵/青い絵Red-Stained/Blue-StainedLink 11conceptual works; red and blue
10クライングソウルズCrying Soulsabstract, including horrible, macabre
09散乱した均衡Scattered BalanceLink 09various
08アイコノクラズムIconoclasmLink 08dark, mostly chibi OCs
Extra1RearrengementsLink ex1rearranged works from Acv 01-05
Extra0RepresentativesLink ex0representative works from Acv 02-07
07夢の終わりEnd of DreamLink 07last upload on pixiv
06宿業KarmaLink 06monumental art works
05暗闇に落ちる影The Shadow Laying in DarknessLink 05monotone, featuring The Reaper
[Monotone Arranged]
Abyss Level
[Monotone Arranged]
Link 04banother finish of Acv04
04奈落の底Abyss LevelLink 04various
03傷だらけの感情Wounded EmotionLink 03including macabre, grotesque
02深象From Deep ImageLink 02various
01黒葬Black BurialLink 01rough, dark, including macabre
- Archives X-rated
Archive No.TitleTitle (En)LinkNotice
X3ザ・フラッシャーズ+The Flashers +Link X3featuring the twins, extremely fetishistic
X2ザ・フラッシャーズThe FlashersLink X2featuring the twins, extremely fetishistic
X1ネイキッドドールズNaked DollsLink X1featuring the twins, nude
19xアンダーグラウンド・ファッションショーUnderground Fashion Showfeaturing the twins, extremely fetishistic