Into Delirium

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[Feb.24-Mar.27, 2014]

-TitleTitle (En)Notice
ファンタスティックライアーFantastic Liar-
サイケデリックスワローテイルPsychedelic SwallowtailRemake from Acv02
B/W アルカディアB/W ArcadiaRemake from Acv02/04
すべての消えゆくものたちへFor All Things Fading Away-
しあわせなら手をつなごうHold my hand if you're happyRemake from Acv01
あの日の手紙The letter on a past dayRemake from Acv01
痛切Acute CutRemake from Acv03
アウトサイダーズ・パレード (Part 4)Outsider's Parade (Part 4)Remake from Acv03
ミッドナイトフォビドゥンガールThe Midnight Forbidden GirlRemake from Acv05
涅槃への灯明Firelight for NirvanaRemake from Acv06
愛と平和への渇望から生じる憎しみThe Hatred Caused from Thirst for Love and Peace-
さよなら。Good-bye.Remake from Acv07

-Special Versions
(These are stereoscopic images. Please look at them with cross-eyed.)
-TitleTitle (En)
The Midnight Forbidden Girl
(Stereoscopic Version)
Firelight for Nirvana
(Stereoscopic Version)