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[March 29 - June 8, 2015]

-TitleTitle (En)Notice
洗脳BrainwashingDeadstock Idea
from Acv14
デストロイドサーカスDestroyed CircusReconstructed
"Saturated Circus"
from Acv09
フェイタルテラーFatal Terror-
イミテーションフルーツImitation FruitsReconstructed
"Fruity Paradice"
from Acv09
リヴィングデッズ・ダンスパーティーLiving Dead's Dance PartyFeaturing Acv10
"Crying Souls"
曇天に潜む爆弾Secret Bombs Under The Cloudy SkiesReconstructed
"Blast Your Only Bombs"
from Acv11
欺瞞しのプリンセスと朽ち果てた独裁者Pseudo Princess and Decayed DictatorReconstructed
"Pseudo Princess" and "Decayed Dictator"
from Acv08
盲目XXXXXBlind XXXXXReconstructed
"Blind Stupids"
from Acv13
贖罪の業火Hellfire of ExpiationDeadstock Version of
"Karma of Expiation"
from Acv12